Created in 1986 SJM Studios has become, through solid management and innovative creative services, one of the GTA's most senior advertising agencies.

Though our clients are located worldwide, we remain locally based, with roots deep in the communities of Stouffville, Aurora and Newmarket.

Our proven design ability and systematic approach to completing projects on time and within budget has produced success in marketing communications partnerships with, among others, Powell Contracting, Lecol, PGC Services, AMG Metals, Blackrock, Stinson Equipment, Armtec, Polefab, Geostorm, Geosolv, Saferoads Engineering, Black & McDonald, The Miller Group, Nintendo, Harry Rosen, Pepsi, Kelloggs, Lucas Films, Lions Gate Films, Prudential, Trimark, and the CIBC Bank.


HOT NIGHTS HOT RODS - Corporate Website

Hot Nights focus was on creating a visually stunning website that highlighted their high quality automotive creations, they also wanted to display their works in progress to their followers and clients. Hot Nights also wanted to support the collector car hobby through visual coverage and highlighting of automotive related events. We accomplished this request effectively through the creation of a intuitive, user secure back end which allows our client to update and create their own content on the fly and the batch image upload feature helps speed things up for them when creating their own content.



Powell wanted a corporate website with special focus on their rental equipment and barrier installation services. At SJM we custom build all our websites from the ground up so that we can focus on our customers needs without limiting ourselves from any possibility opportunities. Through the strategic designing of our own custom websites we can ensure we exceed our customers needs. At SJM Studios we are truly only limited by our own imaginations.


IWEAR - Website

iwear was in need of an e-commerce website with a shopping cart and a high level of user security. It is important in selling tactile products online that you effectively display your product to the end consumer. iwear also requested we create for them a dynamic back end where they could update their own website with new product as needed.


LECOL INC. - Corporate Website

Lecol's web needs were quite extensive from corporate identity to product descriptions and sales support manuals. Also within this website is a fully functional log in database housing schematic drawings and installation instructions. Featuring expandable product details and customizable searches down to even the products part lists this website is all encompassing and even connects to internal product numbers, ordering and accounting systems.



The Meal-a-Day website was part of a conceptual exercise SJM Studios provided to help explain the possibilities available in the effective roll our of their brand look digitally. The focus of our design direction was placed on simplifying their existing web navigation for the end user. Through the creation of an intuitive flowing experience the end user can navigate effortlessly and squarely place their focus directly on their own specific areas of interest.


PGC SERVICES - Corporate Website

PGC Services focus was on ensuring the end user could quickly and easily book the use of their province wide services online. It is important when you develop any website to place your focus on the advantages of your site for the end user and consider how they could effectively use your website. A website should be seen as more than just a passive salesman for people to visit after you have directly contact them.



The challenge in creating the Powell Mobile Barrier website was to effectively explain the advantages and uses of their Mobile Barrier Trucks. From the use of video clips to custom animations that explain the advantages of their customizable trailers we focused our efforts on creating effective visuals that displayed the features of their products clearly to the end user.



This website was designed as an online brother to a hard copy magazine that supported parents in York Region. As a result it was important to ensure we followed and thereby leveraged the look and feel of the well-recognized previously produced print materials. As SJM Studios was also the design firm for the hard copy Resource Guide for Parents the nuances of the overall identity as well as the vision for both mediums thereby functionality was well understood and effectively communicated.



Safe Roads website focus was placed on outlining the vast array of services they provide. Using dynamic and expandable detailed service outlines we were able to go as deep as Safe Roads Engineering neededto effectively communicate to the end users their service advantages. Safe Roads also wanted to ensure the end user understood their ability provide a complete service from drawings to reality.


We love to strategically design and build exceptional interactive experiences. From websites to custom software & digital multimedia, we are passionate about innovation and exceptional work. We have the knowledge, talent and expertise to take full advantage of a range of interactive marketing mediums.

From designing interactive marketing strategies to creative & technological development and implementation, SJM Studios is your full service solution.


AMG METALS INC. - Branding Refresh

The AMG Brand is a work in progress as the company feels they need to produce more materials and have the funds to apply to marketing we are working at rolling out their Corporate Branding with an end vision in mind. We will always keep our clients budgets in mind and will help to create a roll out plan, which creates a cohesive strategy.


IWEAR - Corporate Branding

The branding of this corporation included the visual expressing of a thriving, fashion forward company. The iwear brand had to take into account a number of cohesive supporting product line extensions. For this reason clear segmentation communication was essential to avoid client confusion and build an overall positive brand reputation.


LECOL INC. - Branding Refresh

The Lecol Branding Refresh came about as a result of a corporate take over. The new owners understood the need for effective Corporate Branding and they felt the present Branding Lecol had been using felt outdated and didn't reflect the companies expanding directions or new business plan. This exercise lead the company into new sectors which resulted in new "best business" practices throughout the entire industry.


LOGO IDEATION & CREATION - Corporate Identity

The Logo of any Corporation or Product line is typically the first impression most people get of your company. Your logo is the central element of your Brand communication, it gets the most exposure; so it should be obvious how important it is to get your logo right. Strategic thinking and corporate brand direction need to be considered and incorporated in the creation of your logo. Likewise consideration of your competition and an understanding of your advantage over them can be communicated by your logo.


PGC SERVICES - Corporate Branding

The Branding of this Hydrovac Company took great advantage of standing out against its crowd of competitors. By leveraging it's fleet of vehicles and using them as corporate billboards their business saw great growth as a resultof exposure to their branding. Even Qualified Driver/Operators have showed great interest in joining PGC as their fleet became a real favorite of the industry. Branding helped this company leap ahead of much of their competition almost overnight.


POLEFAB INC. - Branding Refresh

The Poelfab Brand is another example of a work in progress as the company feels they need to produce more materials and have the funds to apply to marketing we are working at rolling out their Corporate Branding with an end vision in mind. When rolling out a Brand in stages it is essential to have an overall Brand vision and direction in mind.



HLike many companies Powell Contracting Ltd. started off without thinking about the need or advantage of creating a Corporate Brand Identity. After a quick in-house logo sketch and a photocopy they moved forward as a company and over the course of many years their corporate image became very disjointed as a result of their approach. Each design need was created and produced on an individual basis with little thought for an overall vision or what had been created in the past.


Corporate Branding is a passion of ours which is key because Branding is the single most important marketing aspect of success. Strategic thinking at this stage, and the development of a clear and focused brand personality are essential.

Corporations around the world are increasingly becoming aware of the enhanced value which corporate branding strategies can provide for an organisation. Branding in the classic sense is all about creating unique identities and positions for products and services hence distinguishing the offerings from competitors.

A strong corporate branding strategy can add significant value in terms of helping the entire corporation and the management team to implement the long-term vision and create unique positions in the market place.


We are a full service agency offering video and photography as well as aerial drone photography services to corporations, manufacturers, agencies, studios, magazine publications and independents.

We are dedicated to the highest standards in professional imaging. Our photographic disciplines include: product, construction, transportation, sports, food, nature, landscapes, architecture, portraiture, and fashion.

Our comprehensive service includes photo retouching and video editing and production.